Gossip Girl season 4 all set to say good bye!

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

A teen-drama that has mesmerized viewers with freshness-draped sequences is ready to unleash one more season finale. Well, I’m talking about none other than your favorite show, ‘Gossip Girl.’

Since Gossip Girl is on the verge of unleashing its season 4’s finale, I’m sure the only thing you are craving for, at the moment is to get the spoilers of the same. Isn’t it? Well, I know the urge of getting the tidbits of Gossip Girl season 4 finale has overpowered your mind. So, let me uncover the impending happenings!

In episode 22 titled “The Wrong Goodbye”, Georgina will once again come into picture. Moreover, Blair will have to finally decide that what she wants; her prince charming or her dark night. To add to the entertainment, Cecily Von Ziegesar, author of the show, will make a guest appearance.

Well, I’m sure that you must have enjoyed the brief description of the forthcoming episode. But if that wasn’t enough to bring down your heightened curiosity (I’m sure it wasn’t), watch Gossip Girl season 4 episode 22 online after its telecast and experience add-on entertainment.

The show is replete with gripping scenes and deserves several viewings. If you also fall within the population of its ardent fans, then download Gossip Girl and make the most of your pastime. Also don’t forget to catch its season 4 episode 22, which is the final episode of the fourth season.

So, watch it and unfold all that is stored in it!


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