Gossip Girl Brings More Life-Altering Events!

Monday, 26 September 2011

Gossip Girl season 5 episode 1Get ready to take a look at intensified battles and more life-altering events in the upcoming arc of Gossip Girl. Like always, they will be in trouble due to their instant decisions. I’ve heard that we shouldn’t take decisions when we are emotionally charged. But the irony of our life is that we commit mistakes, only when we are trapped from all sides! 

Well, Gossip Girl’s gang is no different; and this time, Serena will commit a foolish mistake to impress her boss. But at the end, I believe what matters is your work. Poor girl! Perhaps, she is finding some shortcut to success.

Furthermore, in Gossip Girl season 5 episode 1, Chuck and Nate will visit Serena. But soon, this Serena-centered visit would turn into a hot date for Nate. All of sudden, he will start feeling something for a grown-up female.

For me, it is difficult to understand Nate, who changes his girlfriends like a coffee lover trying out different flavors. Though nothing has been revealed about this character, Elizabeth Hurley will be seen in the role of his new crush!

On the other hand, the relationship of Blair and Louis has been taking dramatic turns. Perhaps, this is going on because of Blair, and it is becoming even more difficult for him to handle her tantrums. Moreover, her behavior with his family wasn’t acceptable at all.

In spite of all the problems, the newly engaged couple, Blair and Louis, will plan their wedding. But if Blair continues with her nearly impossible demands, this would be difficult for Louis to be in this relationship!
Beware Blair!

Apart from this, in Gossip Girl season 5 premiere, you will see Dan in a catch-22 situation. The original copy of his book has been stolen, and he wants to stop its publication now!

An unknown source, perhaps Chuck, will help this man to get back the stolen copy. If you want to catch the thief, don’t forget to watch the upcoming batch!