Blair Waldrof To Meet Her Prince Charming In Gossip Girl Season 4 Episode 19!

Saturday, 23 April 2011

It just doesn’t get any better than this. This season of Gossip Girl is starting to resemble a Shakespearean drama.
Each and every passing episode, has some traces of drama, deceit inspired by lust, and of course, the constant bickering.

And, the upcoming installment, Pretty in Pink, is no different. Except the fact, that the storyline is about to get a pan-European twist, pretty soon.

Yes, you heard that one right out of the horse’s mouth!
Do you remember the Prince? A certain someone who bumped into Blair in Paris, and that certain someone is here in New York - looking for her!

Enter Prince Louis Grimaldi in the picture, which, by the way is already twisted in its own special way.
The whole Serena-Blair-Dan triangle was about to explode in an entertaining concoction of jealousy, love and passion.

Well, there you go! Enough reasons to watch Gossip Girl season 4 episode 19 online.

But, it seems that we will have to wait for the closure. Now that the Prince is here, everyone’s attention will be on Blair’s day out with him.

He’s even got the shoe she left back at Paris. So cute! Even for a Prince!
What happens to Serena now! If Blair is into Prince, where does it leave Dan! And what happens, when Serena realizes that there is nothing between Dan and Blair. 

The previous editions of the show might still be available for download, and you can refresh your memories with Serena and Dan’s past.

And the fair maiden Serena, is not done yet. She will send her cousin, Charlie, in pursuit of Blair. A message would be shot off to everyone, including the secretive Gossip Girl. Season 4 has been excellent on all aspects, and expect episode 19 to deliver as well.


Actress Kaylie De Fer To Play Serena’s Cousin, Charlie on Gossip Girl!

Saturday, 16 April 2011

Welcome folks!

To the delightfully artsy chronicles of the rich brats residing in the posh Upper East Side in New York city, otherwise known as The Gossip Girl. Simply speaking, there is gossip and more gossip, and nothing but an unending sequence of gossip.

Break-ups, patch-ups, social galas and the unsocial separations dominate the Upper East Side, as the anonymous storyteller describes the story of this particular group of guys and some pretty girls.
But this time, the focus is on the mother of one of the pretty girls! Lily Humphrey, Serena’s mother, will be seen facing a trial.

You probably remember Ben, who’s Serena boyfriend, being thrown behind bars in a false complaint, made by Lily herself.

But things for Lily turn downright ugly when, it’s not just her, but Serena, who gets involved in the muddle. Apparently, she’ll be seen mobbed by journalists.

No wonder the web is going wild with searches to watch Gossip Girl season 4 episode 18 online!

Poor Serena! The guy she is seeing now was arrested on her mother’s behest, talk about a moral dilemma.

Also in the news is the fact that a new member of the Rhodes-Van der Woodsen family is coming to town. Lily’s ex-husband, William and Serena’s grandmother CeCe and Aunt Carol are coming in to support Lily during the trial.
Surprise! Surprise! Aunt Carol’s daughter and Serena’s cousin, Charlie Rhodes is coming too. Charlie is unlike her cousins as she is not raised on very high standards.

How will Serena react to her hot little cousin in town? Actress Kaylie De Fer plays the role of Charlie Rhodes.
The odd couple of Dan and Blair are in big trouble as their hidden relationship is leaked to the Gossip Girl, and also, Chuck realizes that he wants to win Blair back.

Fans often resort to a download when they are tired of waiting, but this edition of the Gossip Girl is coming out very soon. Maybe there will be closure to the Dan-Blair-Chuck love triangle till season 4 ends. I hope so, because it seems things will get murkier in episode 18.

Watch out for the upcoming episodes as tension between the best friends, Blair and Serena builds up.


Leighton Meester to Star with Adam Sandler and Vanilla Ice in Upcoming Movie!

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Leighton Meester has hit the proverbial jackpot in mainstream Hollywood success!

The Gossip Girl starlet will soon start filming for Adam Sandler’s upcoming movie ‘I Hate You Dad’.
Opposite Leighton will be the handsome Adam Samberg, one of Adam Sandler’s acquaintances from the show ‘Saturday Night Live’.

Rapper Vanilla Ice will make his comeback in this movie as well.

Not a lot has been revealed about the movie as of now, but it can be confirmed that Leighton Meester is having a hard time suppressing the nonstop giggling she has acquired, ever since she signed the movie.

The actress, whose claim to fame is the role of Blair Waldorf, in the renowned drama series, The Gossip Girl, will be seen as Adam Sandler’s daughter in law in the movie.

Leighton will play the leading lady and the love interest of Adam Sandler’s on screen son, Adam Samberg. When Adam Samberg and Leighton get married and move into their house, Adam’s father moves into their house, citing some problems.

All hell breaks loose as Adam Sandler moves in with the newly married couple. There are frequent clashes, endless arguments between the couple and a laugh riot is in store for the viewers.
Rapper Vanilla Ice will have a comeback role in the movie; he will play the role of a homosexual wedding planner that the couple hires for their wedding.

Actor James Caan from the ‘Las Vegas’ series and the ‘Godfather’ movies might be seen as Leighton’s on-screen father.

This is big news for Leighton Meester, because she couldn’t have hoped for a better launching pad for her career in the glitzy streets of Hollywood.

But the fans of The Gossip Girl need not worry right now; the actress is committed to the show in the same way she was, before signing the film.

We’ll be seeing more of the beautiful actress and singer in her soon to be released movies like ‘Monte Carlo’ and ‘The Oranges’.

So get ready to catch her!