Actress Kaylie De Fer To Play Serena’s Cousin, Charlie on Gossip Girl!

Saturday, 16 April 2011

Welcome folks!

To the delightfully artsy chronicles of the rich brats residing in the posh Upper East Side in New York city, otherwise known as The Gossip Girl. Simply speaking, there is gossip and more gossip, and nothing but an unending sequence of gossip.

Break-ups, patch-ups, social galas and the unsocial separations dominate the Upper East Side, as the anonymous storyteller describes the story of this particular group of guys and some pretty girls.
But this time, the focus is on the mother of one of the pretty girls! Lily Humphrey, Serena’s mother, will be seen facing a trial.

You probably remember Ben, who’s Serena boyfriend, being thrown behind bars in a false complaint, made by Lily herself.

But things for Lily turn downright ugly when, it’s not just her, but Serena, who gets involved in the muddle. Apparently, she’ll be seen mobbed by journalists.

No wonder the web is going wild with searches to watch Gossip Girl season 4 episode 18 online!

Poor Serena! The guy she is seeing now was arrested on her mother’s behest, talk about a moral dilemma.

Also in the news is the fact that a new member of the Rhodes-Van der Woodsen family is coming to town. Lily’s ex-husband, William and Serena’s grandmother CeCe and Aunt Carol are coming in to support Lily during the trial.
Surprise! Surprise! Aunt Carol’s daughter and Serena’s cousin, Charlie Rhodes is coming too. Charlie is unlike her cousins as she is not raised on very high standards.

How will Serena react to her hot little cousin in town? Actress Kaylie De Fer plays the role of Charlie Rhodes.
The odd couple of Dan and Blair are in big trouble as their hidden relationship is leaked to the Gossip Girl, and also, Chuck realizes that he wants to win Blair back.

Fans often resort to a download when they are tired of waiting, but this edition of the Gossip Girl is coming out very soon. Maybe there will be closure to the Dan-Blair-Chuck love triangle till season 4 ends. I hope so, because it seems things will get murkier in episode 18.

Watch out for the upcoming episodes as tension between the best friends, Blair and Serena builds up.


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